About Carrie Kay

For the last 15 years, Carrie Kay has been fulfilling her mission, sharing her contagious joy and love for her Lord Jesus with thousands in churches, conferences, and women's retreats across the country.

Carrie Kay is a woman who is "sold out" to God. Not only is Carrie deeply devoted to the Word of God and to intercessory prayer, she is an anointed soloist and worship leader.

Carrie's music ministry began in her home church, Life Center, in Tacoma, Washington. In 1994, Carrie began pursuing what is now a full-time endeavor: taking her contagious love for her Savior across the nation and to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia. She has recorded 5 full-length CDs, and has been a studio vocalist for many recording projects.


Carrie has had the privilege ministering with:

* Neil Anderson
* Bruce Wilkinson
* World Vision
* Rich & Robyn Wilkerson
* Union Gospel Mission

“Carrie Kay is a delightful and gifted soloist and worship leader.”
--- Carole Kent, Speaker/Author

“Carrie Kay can take an ordinary event and make it extraordinary.
Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious!”
--- Bill Butterworth, Speaker/Author

Carrie Kay is the real deal: authentic, talented, flexible and a joy to work with.
She is a compliment to any team, any program or event any time.
--- Pam Farrel, Speaker/Author

One thing I know about Carrie Kay,
if you let her loose in front of an audience, they feel the passion, the power,
and the grace of a woman who songs come from somewhere deep in her soul.
She’s a woman in love with LIFE.
---Tim Kimmel, Speaker/Author

Carrie is flexible has a vast repertoire and can adapt to any group. It has been my
privilege to be associated and have her at my seminars. She is Dynamic!
---Beverly Sallee, Speaker/Author


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